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To reach Prasonisi you have to drive to the most southern part of the island. Once you pass Katavia a further 8 kilometres through the hills, Prasonisi comes into sight. As you roll over the top of the hill towards Prasonisi you see the huge waves over to the right (east on the map below), calm sea and shelter from the wind to the left (west on the map below) - and surfers everywhere, it really is paradise.

The beach is one of the most impressive beaches on the island. There are two sandy coves that end in an island, which can be reached on foot or by swimming, depending on the weather and water level. The strong winds on Prasonisi beach make it a surfer’s paradise. On one side of the cape there is the Mediterranean Sea with good waves and views for advanced surfers and on the other side, the Aegean Sea with flatter water, which is better suited for beginners.


The surfing season on Prasonisi begins in May and finishes by October. The wind conditions throughout the season are perfect allowing people to make a lot of progress with there surfing. The wind can vary in strength from day to day but generally picks up as the day goes by. Just offshore there is a tiny ‘Green Island’ and sandbar dividing the clear shallow water, which creates a superb and unique wave break on Prasonisi. Prasonisi is used as a practice area by some of the best wind surfers in the world including Olympic teams from various countries and is host to many top international competitions.


During the summer months on Prasonisi the strong ‘Meltemi’ wind combines with and is accelerated by the ‘Venturi’ system, which creates very powerful results. The result of this combination allows for both strong offshore flat-water speed sailing and radical onshore wave sailing over the sandbank.


Water state

There are two areas to surf on Prasonisi, the Cross-Off side and the onshore side.


Cross-Off Side: Flat as a pancake on the inside with a very slight chop on the outside when it is 5m or less weather, sandy bottom.



Other windsurfers. It is quite a big bay and a long beach but we all like to sail at full speed into one area to show off our latest tricks 6ft from the shoreline. Do watch out for full power, windsurfers sailing on slalom kit with total disregard for other water users.


Ability levels 

Perfect for every level from beginner to freestyle master to slalom guru. In an onshore to cross onshore with rolling swell outside the breaking waves the average size of waves is waist to head high. The onshore conditions require more work to get big air but it is a great training ground for onshore wave riding and a real change from the super flat waters on the other side of the peninsula.


The waves break onto a sand bar and can be quite steep and punchy on a windy day so be careful of kit and body breakage. If you are really unlucky you will step on a sand eel whilst walking your kit over the shallow channel between the two beaches. This can hurt like hell and ruin your day’s sailing. Kite surfers tend to favour this side and it can get quite hectic. You need to be fairly confident in waves if it is head high, good practice area for sailing in chop, water start essential.


If you are not a wind or kite surf fan you can still find something to do on Prasonisi, there are only two shops allowing the area to keep a traditional atmosphere rather than that of a bustling tourist area. On the beach are two tavernas serving traditional Greek food, where you can taste specialities such as Mousaka, Octopus from the grill, Humus, Suflaki and many other different dishes, that will let you get a feel for the Greek Spirit. You can swim, scuba dive, bike ride or take a walk through the hills where you will discover tiny beaches hidden on the “Green Island” where there is also a lighthouse, a symbol of Prasonisi. If you simply want to relax you can sunbath on the beach or hire a sun bed and take a siesta

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